It was a year and a half ago when I adopted my wonderful compliant ball of joy Juss. A male grey tabby who seemed to match my personality. My first cat and in a dorm studio apartment. 

I could see Juss got along with my neighbour’s cats well, yet since they moved, I felt sad for Juss knowing he has always been a very social cat and I am away working most days.

This led me to take my second cat, 3-year old male, Pootsman. A bit of animosity, a bit of yowling in the night by my duotone friend until he settled. I knew he had a virus (Cat herpes as I recall) that affected his eye. Turns out it’s related to elevated stress and a new home with a resident cat was enough to make it show.

Not to mention Juss had a stuffy nose with a fever. The first one to actually need a visit to the vet was Juss. I didn’t imagine how I would manage to give him both antibiotic pills and nose drips. 

A few days of trial and error yielded me results. Juss got used to the drips. Is expecting them even because he for some reason loves to lick them off his nose. It’s weird but I’ll take it. Antibiotics are hidden in bite-size snacks which he gobbles up gladly.

Now Pootsman. Different from Juss, he hasn’t gotten fully used to me yet. He was in the shelter for 2 years before I rescued him and that’s a lot of time to compare to 2 months. The eye swelling happened at the weekend so I contacted the shelter and they gave me his previous eye medicine. I still needed to sneak to get it to him but I managed and he was still enough.

Now today was the day of the vet. All these days so far I had been strung up by tension because I am alone administering the medicine, given my partner is abroad at work and being absolutely amazing. Luckily the doctor realized right away that since Pootsman needs both eye and nose drops, pills are going to be a feat. Especially since Pootsman got loose and hid in a corner there. So the doctor gave him an injection and I was given his drops.

Again I am a bit afraid, twice a day catching this cat and hoping that he will be still enough for the drops on my own. Because once he gets them, he will be cautious around me for about an hour. 

People around me suggested to give him back if he is so uncooperative. I understand that conclusion but I do not agree. Yes it’s difficult, quite a feat not only for my worries but my savings, yet Pootsman is considered family by now. 

He has warmed up to me enough to nap against my back when he thinks I’m sound asleep, not to mention- aside from the occasional quarrel, Juss is close enough with him to play and to wash each other. 

I have a strong bond with Juss but at first I was unsure how it would translate to Pootsman. By now I feel a sense of belonging with Pootsman too, and all I want for now, and is my top priority, is to nurse my cats back to full health.

It’s a feat yes. But it’s also a caring responsibility.