This is my third summer guiding tours in Tallinn’ Old Town. Today, the first tour of the season, reminded me a lot about why I chose this in the first place and could just be my calling. 

Today began my season for tour guiding with a group of 30 people from a cruise ship. I was half-afraid of this morning. Maybe I’ll be late? Maybe I’ll mess up the ticket count? Maybe I’ll lose someone from the group? Maybe I’ve forgotten how to pace the tour?

Those thoughts plagued me the evening and morning before the tour. Waiting for people to arrive on the bus is the most nerve-wracking part for me, even if it’s not that much. I know that my worrying tends to overamplify itself.

The people arrived, I took the tickets. Although the organizers were running around like crazy I got my ticket count confirmed. After saying hello in English, that’s when my “groove” kicked in. In the past it happened well into the bus ride to Toompea, the upper part of the Old Town but not immediately. Then I started to feel, well, like myself.

As per tradition so far in my posts, the weather decided to turn up the heat to proper summer standards and I was overdressed yet again. At least my footwear was decent this time.

I found myself enjoying the walk, the talking, not worrying nearly as much about people getting lost as I had prior years. It felt actually very enjoyable. There was so much to tell yet so little time.

The people had a good sense of humour and were very goodnatured. Through these tours I get to see slightly more of the world myself, about where the people come from, how are things there. Those discussions usually transpire during the free time/shopping time portion of our tour.

How else would I know that for example in England they are lookin for woodwork and restoration specialists. A thing I am going to study in fall. That was very VERY encouraging for me to hear.

And how else would I know that in Hong Kong apparently there are only 2 universities for 400 million(?) people while for Estonia’s 1.2 million there is well… An abundance. 

Those are just a few of the many things I have learned from the people who had selected my tours. Sadly (in part), the profession of a tour guide is mostly via demand, not by monthly schedule. And this certain tour format is only from May to September. But regardless, I will enjoy what I am given.